The Dorra Group is a name that speaks a legacy; a legacy of revolutionizing accomplishments, brilliant designs and sustained customer satisfaction. Our extensive acquaintance of the market and its demands, coupled with over 70 priceless years of experience, solid effort and dedication has made us claim the prominent and prevailing position we hold today. Nevertheless, we constantly strive harder, and develop further, to serve better.

From the largest business development to the smallest housing, the Dorra Group continuously delivers its unparalleled quality to every client, irrespective of his volume of business. Our satisfaction stems from the pleasure and success you indulge on at our projects, from the quality, to the extravagance and convenience, and all the way to the exclusiveness.

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Construction updates 2015

Construction Updates

Capital Business Park 

Building (4)
 Concrete works  100%
 Façade works  78%
 Internal Finishing works 62%
Building (5)
 Concrete works  100%
 Façade works  83%
 Internal Finishing works  65%
Building (9)
 Concrete works  100%
 Façade works  83%
 Internal Finishing works  62%
 Concrete for landscape  93%
 Land and Hardscape Phase Two  0%


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